Vision and values
Through the correct use of its resources,  raw materials, reduced environmental impact and the recyclability of its products, the FIBET Group is committed to implementing and developing policies targeted to minimise its environmental impact via continuous improvement approaches.
Furthermore, FIBET Group’s key to success lies in its personnel, its teamwork and its deeply collaborative spirit.
The company is able to stimulate ideas by relying on synergies and corporate knowhow, with the final goal of obtaining excellent results and strengthening its corporate value.
The FIBET Group bestows great importance to job safety, employees’ health and their professional growth and development: these are considered to be fundamental characteristics for any company that aims to be competitive and responsible.

FIBET Group have implemented a management system encompassing environmental, health and safety issues that assures compliance with all legal requirements applicable to the processes that FIBET Group either control or have influence over.
The management system supports the continuous improvement in the environmental and safety performances connected to the activities of the Group.
Thanks to the awareness, commitment and cooperation of our staff throughout the business, we continually focus on  risk prevention that negates on-the-job injuries, occupational hazards and our environmental impact by preventing pollution.

Large-scale environment goals
Owing to the significance of its environment impact and following the assessment of risks and opportunities, FIBET Group are committed towards pursuing the following environmental goals:

  • saving energy and natural resources;
  • reducing waste and prioritising recyclable products;
  • reducing the most significant causes of environmental impact, while strictly monitoring all adverse environmental impacts;
  • reducing the frequency and seriousness of all on-the-job injuries;
  • reducing any potential health risks.

Rev.03 08/03/21