Vision and values

In its processes and products, Fibet Group management takes the utmost care of the environment. We strive to use our resources responsibly, including our raw materials, to minimize carbon footprint and produce recyclable products.


Fibet Group is committed to comply with legal obligations in all processes that Fibet can directly control or influence.
Fibet Group is committed to prevent emergencies leading to possible accidents or increased environmental impact.
Fibet Group is dedicated to improving its performances in environmental matters.

In accordance with the above mentioned commitments, Fibet Group expects full awareness and collaboration from all those working for the company.
Fibet Group has implemented an environment management system in order to keep up with its commitments and goals.

Large-scale environment goals

Owing to the significance of its environment impact and following the assessment of risks and opportunities, Fibet Group is committed to pursue the following environmental goals:

  • saving energy and natural resources;
  • reducing waste and prioritizing recyclable products;
  • more generally, reducing the most significant causes of environmental impact, while strictly monitoring all adverse environmental impacts.


Rev.02 24/10/18