Company profile

Our history

Fibet was founded in Turin in 1952, in an environment of worldwide industrial excellence, namely the automotive sector. At first, it produced metal-elastomer Bushes and associated vibration isolation components for the automotive industry. Then, in the Seventies, Fibet expanded its operations into other market sectors – ranging from agriculture, railways, earthmoving machinery, aerospace, marine and any other industry sector that needed solutions to vibration issues.

Our expertise and competence make Fibet the ideal partner for any requirement – whether the application needs a custom-made solution, the use of standard catalogue products – or a combination of both to reduce the capital outlay associated with tooling. This is achieved through the combination of our wide-ranging skills and experience, enhanced by research and design, whilst also listening to thoughts and ideas from our clients, to ensure that we always deliver the optimum and cost effective solution even for the most complex problems.

In this context, our R&D Team are constantly working on new patents, thus developing a distinctive “Fibet approach”, a benchmark that assures our sustained and continued growth.

The extensive skills proven over sixty years allow Fibet to work side by side with high-profile companies; today, our company boasts a structure and a commercial and technical stature such that it can work with the big international players representing the excellence in their respective areas.

Our vision

Fibet is a qualified partner and a reference point for the fulfilment and solution of the complex technical requests and problems met by industry sector companies.

Our approach in every new project starts with listening carefully to our customers’ needs and requirements. This is key to finding a solution. We listen to our customers’ needs, both explicit and implied, steer their choices, identify and design the solutions needed, and implement them. This is irrespective of whether we develop custom-made solutions, or – by finding the most suitable and efficient for the present needs from our existing range.

In a constantly evolving global market, Fibet are always aiming to continually improve efficiency and as a reliable partner – not just a mere provider of goods, but someone with our unique approach – is an asset. With this in mind, Fibet capitalizes on our personal expertise, together with the experience gained in the industrial context we work in. In this way, we strengthen our role as “solution providers”, so we can satisfy high-profile customers with high-profile products.

Innovation process is a core value in Fibet and we resolutely pursue and deliver it. To this end, we have begun a partnership with Politecnico di Torino, a well-known international centre of excellence.

Our human capital

Human capital is as important to Fibet as the technological and expertise sources used to achieve competitive advantage. Knowledge, skills, vision and experience of our personnel are all important values, as explicitly laid out in the clauses of our company’s Code of Conduct.